I’m really proud to announce the release of my first follow up single to the 2016 album ‘Circle Spirit Geometry’ – ‘SWALLOW’.

From a technical point of view, it’s a culmination of all I’ve learnt in the 6 months or so since CSG. And I’ve learnt a lot… and you can hear it.

It represents a more mature sound, probably as the song was written in the same year it was produced! Unlike CSG which was a collection of songs dating as far back as 2010.

The sound isn’t strictly rock but rather a mix of rock, hip-pop and electronica and altogether more representative of the style of music I gravitate towards these days.

The song is about our environment, it’s about head-in-the-sand climate change deniers, some of whom preside over the most powerful countries in the world.

The dialogue in the bridge is from an impassioned speech given by an 11 yr old girl at the UN back in the 90s. You can hear it in full here. It really struck a chord with me and inspired a lot of the lyrics.

It’s available for digital download from iTunes, Amazon and most online music retailers. Or you can stream it on Spotify.

I hope you enjoy it!